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Recognize Devices on GWT

static final String[] MOBILE_SPECIFIC_SUBSTRING = {
	"iPhone","Android","MIDP","Opera Mobi",
	"Opera Mini","BlackBerry","HP iPAQ","IEMobile",
	"MSIEMobile","Windows Phone","HTC","LG",
	"Windows CE","WindowsCE","Smartphone","240x320",
	" SIE","SonyEricsson","MMP","UCWEB"


private boolean checkMobile() {
	String userAgent = Window.Navigator.getUserAgent();
	for (String mobile: MOBILE_SPECIFIC_SUBSTRING){
		if (userAgent.contains(mobile)
			|| userAgent.contains(mobile.toUpperCase())
			|| userAgent.contains(mobile.toLowerCase())){
			return true;
	return false;

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