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The most clear and easy understanding Comet(Server-push) Tutorial

Nucular... It's pronounced Nucular

Yesterday I’ve discovered GWTEventService. Today i started to play around with it, after some research in the example-svn and reading the docs, I was able to write my own “Hello World”.

This Hello World is a small chatting application. You are only able to send messages but not set a nickname or something similar.

Here you can see what it will look like:gwteventservice-helloworld1

In this short overview I’ll just show you the parts that are associated with the GWTEventSerice. The whole regular GWT UI/RPC stuff is left out. If you want to see the complete example, you can download it here.

First of all you need an Event:

This Event gets fired when the server gets a new message from a client.

The next thing you need is a EventListener that gets notified when an Event occures:

The Listener receives the Events from the server an processes…

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