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Drawable localization



Open a folder with name ‘drawable-en’ when the local setting is ‘en’.
My default language is ‘zh’, so the image with chines word store at ‘drawable’ folder.
At the same time, we should have ‘values’ and ‘values-en’ folders.

How it works?

By default, the image in ‘drawable’ folder will choose by system.
Image should have the same file name in all folders.

How about folder ‘drawable-hdpi’? Should I place image in it?

The answer is no.
The ‘dpi’ folder is working for size problem, not the language problem.
If you don’t place image in the ‘dpi’ folder, it works perfectly.

A suggestion:
Small image (Button image) with words place in drawable, drawable-en.
Background image place at dpi folders.

Is it possible to use drawable-en-mdpi, drawable-en-hdpi for localization with different resolutions?

Yes, but not suggested. Your apk file size will become huge.


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