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Peer To Peer Live Video Streaming on Actionscript 3.0 With OpenRTMFP/Cumulus Server

To read this post, you need to finish H.264 Live Streaming first and know how to have a live streaming in Actionscript 3.0.
The target is to have a high quality(H.264) and high performance(Peer to peer) Web meeting.
This post only contain actionscript code at publisher and player. You must set up a OpenRTMFP/Cumulus Server.

Follow this post to start a server and use this post to modify your H.264 Live Streaming project.

Web Meeting Publisher & Player



var userid:String;
var groupname:String;

// Receive Flash Parameters from web page
userid = LoaderInfo(this.root.loaderInfo).parameters["userid"];
groupname = LoaderInfo(this.root.loaderInfo).parameters["groupname"];
if (userid==""||userid==null) {
	userid = "456";
if (groupname==""||groupname==null) {
	groupname = "swfever";

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Install OpenRTMFP/Cumulus to CentOS 6.2

CumulusServer is a complete open source and cross-platform RTMFP server extensible by way of scripting.

From: Cumulus

RTMFP is a peer-to-peer system.
RTMFP will reduce the bandwidth costs for direct, live, real‐time communication solutions.
Flows data between the end‐user clients and not the server, bandwidth is not being used at the server.

From: Wikipedia

We are using OpenRTMFP and not Adobe FMS is because it is open source and do not cost any money.
Notes: Flash Media Streaming Server DO NOT support RTMFP.

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