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Photobucket Album Downloader v2.0.1

To all who interested on my Photobucket Album Downloader Extension,

I am glad to introduce you the new Photobucket Album Downloader v2.0.1 extension.
Free version:
Unlimit version:


New features are listing below:
1. No longer rely on any server, no more SSL or speed issues.
2. No longer use popup dialog, it now embeds a “Download” button on photobucket website.
How to upgrade extension version:
1. Enter “chrome://extensions” on your chrome browser
2. Click “Update Extension” on the top right hand side
3. Done
Steps of downloading album: 
1. Go to any album, such as:
2. Find the Panel “Links to share this album” on the right and you can see a “Download” button
3. Click the “Download” button and you are now downloading photos

How to Build a Photobucket Album Viewer Extension of Chrome

To start building the viewer (View all Photos by one click), we should learn how to build a simple extension first.
A tutorial has already made by Google:
As you can see, the viewer extension’s layout is similar to the tutorial of Google.
Chrome Extension Tutorial by Google

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Photobucket Album Downloader on Chrome Extension

1. View all Photos of album
Photobucket Album Downloader on Chrome Extension

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Script of getting all the pictures’ URL of Photobucket’s album in jQuery

Since the PHP script needs a PHP server for compiling, a jQuery version has been made for reference.
Javascript do not support cross-domain fetching source, but some libraries did helped on those issues.

Click here for Demo

jQuery Plugin: cross-domain-ajax And it is depends on jQuery:

1. We need to include two libraries: jQuery and cross-domain-ajax(jQuery Plugin)

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

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Script of getting all the pictures’ URL of Photobucket’s album in PHP
Using above album for example.

Click here for Demo

$url = '';
$str = file_get_contents($url);
preg_match_all('/<img[^>]+>/i',$str, $result); 

foreach( $result as $img_tag) {
	foreach( $img_tag as $img) {
		if( !strpos($img, 'class="under off"') ) continue;
		preg_match('/< *img[^>]*src *= *["\']?([^"\']*)/i', $img, $imgURLs);
		$imgURL = str_replace("/th_", "/", $imgURLs[1]);
		echo $imgURL . "<br />";